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This blog documents my journey into the world of money both through my own eyes as well as the eyes of my clients…it is another great medium to take forward this connectivity on another level. As people’s person, I love the two-way communication where I share my experience with them and people share their experiences with me.

I have discovered that people share very strange relationship with money and for most of them – it is a roller coaster at best and a complicated maze at worst.

The dividing line between my passion & profession is very thin, my passion is to see every Indian leading a financially disciplined life where he is able to make most of his money, whereas in my profession as a financial coach to my clients, I like to deliver valuable insights with regard to their relationship with money. Not only this, by way of personal interaction with them, I assist them with discovering their entrenched attitudes towards money, which may be harming them.

In my over two decade old career, I have dealt with innumerable number of people not only in India but from across the world, from a banker’s perspective, in my earlier assignments and currently through my newspaper columns, television shows and as Apnapaisa CEO. The advantage of being on both sides of the table…

Another way of connecting with people are my workshops where I throw thought provoking questions to a set of live-wire audience, who in turn try find answers which eventually lead to self-discovery during their financial journey. The workshops are aptly termed as: Make Friends with Money.

Please feel free to connect with me on this platform, by way of posting questions, share your experiences or any other advice which you may need. I promise to revert though it may take some time

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