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There’s an old saying that “failure to plan, is a plan to failure”. Without a financial plan, it’s like starting on a journey without knowing your destination. Personal financial planning is a process – an organized, well-planned course of action for strategically managing your finances to achieve your life goals. My objective is to accurately assess your financial needs and provide quality recommendations and ongoing services in accordance with those needs. Financial Planning is very crucial in today’s times but it is important that you take advice from a professionally qualified Financial Planner. I will empower you to reach your goals even if they are a lifetime away thus ensuring your financial independence and peace of mind. Please remember that Financial planning is a road map to achieve your financial goals and not the guaranteed way to achieve it.

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When should you go for Financial Planning?

You are already late, but as they say “Better late, than sorry”.

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How does Financial Planning Process work?

  • Help you set realistic financial goals
  • Help you decide which goals are more important if you, like most people, don’t have enough money to realize all your financial goals.
  • Assess your current financial status including all Assets and Liabilities
  • Allocate specific assets towards specific Goals
  • Address your financial weakness
  • Develop financial strengths
  • Prepare a Roadmap for getting to your Goals
  • Make sure your goals are achieved even if you are not around
  • Make sure your goals are not derailed, should you or loved ones fall sick
  • Review your progress and make midcourse corrections if needed
  • Plan for life events such as children, marriage, deaths, etc.
  • You don’t have time to plan your financial life as you are busy with your job or business
  • You don’t possess expert knowledge
  • You cannot track changes that affect your investment returns
  • Find out how it makes money. All good Financial Planning firms charge a fixed fee.
  • Avoid product sellers disguised as Financial Planners. All good financial planning firms will take time to understand and probe your needs, financial situation and goals before making any recommendations. If you start receiving purchase recommendations before this exercise is done, you should eliminate such a firm.
  • Separate your advise from purchase. All good financial planning firms allow you to purchase the products recommended by them from any body in the market and not just from them or their associate companies.
  • Use Google as your friend. Research about the Financial Planning firm on the internet.
  • Ask them about the research papers or published articles that the firm’s team has published in the past especially on situations that are relevant to you. This will help you make a decision on their expertise level.

Benefits of Financial Planning

Set Realistic Goals

We all have multiple goals but at the same time have limited resources. Financial Planner will help you set realistic financial goals, depending on current cost.

Assess Financial Status

In personal finance all the personal assets like self occupied home, personal vehicle and jewelery are not considered but only investment assets are taken into account.

Roadmap To Your Goals

Financial Planning is a roadmap to achieve your goals depending on ability to take risk and surplus available for investment. It needs to be closely monitored periodically so that you know what part of journey is complete and what is pending.

Prioritize Your Goals

Financial Plan helps you decide which goals are more important if you like most people don’t have enough money to realise all your financial goals.

What my clients are saying

The plan has helped me in changing my perspective and looking at my own expenditure in a different way altogether. Mr Roongta helped me define my goals which , hitherto, were vaguely sketched in my mind. The plan has proven to be a great tool to bring sanity and discipline to investing and reaching my goals.

—Anil Pandit, Gurgaon

It is true that without Mr. Roongta’s kind advice I would not be aware of the various investment tools present and which would be the most suited and fruitful based on my requirements. Talking to him has helped me give a thought about my future and has set a convenient pattern for spending and investing that will help me achieve my goals.

—Amedh Bhargava, Mumbai

My Financial Plan prepared by Mr Harsh Roongta has brought in a big change in my financial life. Now I feel confident and stress free economically. It has helped me to make a habit to invest/save monthly. I really thank him to expose me to new world to live independently and confidently in this harsh economic world.

—Vishal Rana, Jharkhand

Mr.Roongta and his team, after having a detailed discussion with me about my future goals, have made and presented me with a customized financial plan. This plan has provided me with all the necessary details like what will be the required corpus at the time of retirement and the amount of time I need to invest in mutual funds every month in a systematic manner to reach the corpus amount.

—Rudranil Ghosh

jitendra Satpute's plan

This is Actual Plan, prepared for actual client & this has been published with explicit consent of the client.

How Much Does This Cost?

I can understand you asking this question but unfortunately this doesn’t have an easy answer. It could cost as low as Rs. 15,000 (plus applicable taxes) and can rage upto Rs. 50,000 based on what you need. It depends on a lot of factors specific to you. I don’t follow a general template and just fill in your data. I spend time on understanding your expectations and do an extensive personal analysis based on your lifestyle, health, income, expenses, family dependencies and much more.

Financial Planning Brochures

General Financial Plan

This is the standard format of the financial plan which you will recieve, personalised for you.

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NRI Financial Plan

This plan has all the benefits of the general financial plan with some exclusive features for our NRI customers.

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Recent Financial Plannings

Mr. Bhaskar Debnath

Bhaskar Debnath trusted me to put his financial life on track.

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Anil's Financial Plan

Anil Pandit trusted me to put his financial life on track.

View Financial Planning

Susanta Panda's Financial Plan

Susanta Panda trusted me to put his financial life on track.
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This is a right time for you to get your Financial Planning done.

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We provide both free and paid financial consultation. While there is not difference in the quality & effort in each of the consultation, free financial planning are public. We share them with others to they can be benefitted from them. On the other hand paid consultations are private (although you have a choice to share it to help others if you want to).

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